Download OpenStreetMap data for the whole planet, update existing planet data, add terrain contours generated from SRTM3 database and generate garmin-compatible maps in a single step.

The application wraps following OpenStreetMap processing utilities: Osmosis, Tile Splitter and Mkgmap. In addition, a utility similar to Srtm2osm program has been developed as a part of this application.

System requirements

  • Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux 2.26 or Mac OS 10
  • minimum 2 Gb RAM
  • minimum 150 Gb free disk space for the whole planet maps data (200+ Gb recommended)
  • Sun Java JRE 8 or later

On 64bit systems use 64bit version of Java to avoid out of memory issues. Please visit FrequentlyAskedQuestions for more information.


Installers and user’s guide can be downloaded from the  Downloads page.

  • Recommended version: 1.3
  • Previous stable version: 1.1. This version still can work on existing installations with Java 7. It will not work when newly installed because the Planet torrent source used in this version is not active anymore. See Issue 132 for more details.

Release notes

Help and support

Frequently Asked Questions page covers the most frequent problems with the program.

User’s guide can be downloaded in PDF format from the Download page.

Please post your questions to the Osm2garmin Development Group.

You are welcome to submit a bug report or suggest an enhancement at the Issues page.


Sample MapSource screenshot of a resulting map – surrounding of the Prague Zoo:

Application ready to run:

Processing parameters:

Download sources:

Regions definitions:


Please report bugs or propose enhancements and new features at https://github.com/mantlik/osm2garmin/issues or http://groups.google.com/group/osm2garmin-devel

Source code:

Java developers are welcome to submit proposed patches to the Issue tracker.

7 thoughts on “Home”

  1. the program works good , but there is no big map file for gps

    any ideas on what is wrong

    1. Yes, it makes routable maps. For address search to work properly, you need to adjust Mkgmap address search parameters appropriately and provide the boundary file. Please find more information in the Mkgmap documentation http://www.mkgmap.org.uk/doc/options

  2. I have a second hard disk on my iMAC, but in processing parameters, this hard disk is not visible and even worse I can’t change the path manually to get the files stored on the second hard disk. I wonder if this problem can be solved in the software.

  3. I have problem to download the apps. It always stops 99%. Is there something wrong with the server? Is there any mirror site to download the apps?

  4. i also can download this file for 99%, and it will stop….
    can check some thing wrong with the service?????

    1. Just downloaded without problems. Could be an issue with antivir on your computer.
      Nevertheless, please note that the version 1.3 is pretty old and can have problems. Updated version is under development right now and should be published soon.

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